Location: Sariko Olasiti Lodge & Garden Park

In celebrating Tanzania Independence on 9th December 2021, we conducted one day workshop for environmental teachers who are the matrons and patrons of environmental clubs in primary and secondary schools in Arusha. We found it essential to run the workshop to inspire and light the fire to raise the morale of caring, protecting, and managing the environment in their schools.

As part of the implementation plan in our conservation project in Arusha in partnership with the High Commission of Canada in Tanzania, FEPT puts more effort into strengthening the established environmental clubs in schools to bring sustainable impact to our community. Our current clubs under this project are Arusha Terrat Secondary school, Kinana Secondary school, Nado Soito, Losiyo, Kisimani, and Terrat primary schools in the Arusha district.

The objective of the workshop was to bring together those important actors to share common challenges and solutions that will enable better conservation practices to be adopted. It was not just about planting and managing trees, but it was a broad discussion of our environment in general.

Important agendas included the following;

  • Inspiring the management of environmental clubs for each school
  • Emphasize the recruitment of new members of environmental clubs for the respective schools
  • Sharing trees management tool for young planted species
  • Lighting the fire of love, care, and protection for the environment around each school
  • Networking

In the end, we managed to make inclusive resolutions of what to be done to make better improvements in our environment for the present and future generations.