We managed to collect 10,000 trees that have been planted in the 2022 season. The High Commission of Canada donated the trees in Tanzania and Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS). This season we managed to have six (6) types of tree species in the following proportion; Delonix regia 1,000: Acrocarpus 2,500: Jacaranda mimosifolia 2,000: Cedrela ordorata 2,000: Acacia 2,000 and Croton 500

The planting activity started on 25th February until 5th March 2022 in various public places of Olmot, Terrat, and Muriet ward. The official launching was done on 4th March 2022 at Murongoine Primary School of Olmot ward in Arusha. The Lord Mayor of Arusha City Council was the Guest of Honor to officiate the campaign. We launched as we were coming to an end of the planting campaign.

During the Launching event, the Lord Mayor extended his gratitude to the Canadian government for supporting local initiatives and development and other partners who joined hands in this campaign. He gave a powerful speech to call for more campaigns to be done and community members to engage themselves in environmental conservation and tree planting. Every family was called to ensure they had at least four trees around their homestead. The Guest of Honor requested Foundation for Environmental Protection in Tanzania and other stakeholders and development partners to increase the focus on planting the fruit trees. They will have a double impact on the community.

The Executive Director also gave a speech and recognized the support from Canada, TFS, and TBL in this campaign. He insisted on protecting planted trees so that they could bring the desired impact. ‘’The trees are essential and make the life on the earth meaningful; we all need to be part of action into turning a dead planet into a new hope. Let us plant trees, take care of them and benefit from them’’, he added.

A total of 10,000 trees were planted in various areas. The planting was conducted in 11 schools: Maweni primary, Mkonoo primary, Murongoine primary, Olmot Secondary, Matevez primary, Arusha Terrat Secondary, Terrat primary Nadosoito primary, Kinana Secondary, Kisimani Primary, and Losiyo Primary. Other places we planted trees are Health Centres, dispensaries, Policy Stations, Local Government offices, and distributed some to individuals who requested and committed to planting. The planted trees will be taken care of by the beneficiaries of the respective areas. Local governments will be responsible for ensuring trees are grown and protected. FEPT will monitor and conduct periodic visits to see progress and emphasize the protection as we have always been doing.