• Ecosystems and biodiversity

  • Climate change.

  • Sustainable cities.

  • Health, water and food safety.

  • Sustainable tourism.

  • Forestry and agriculture.

What We Do

Our Programs

Climate change

Undertaking climate resilient mitigation and adaptation programs to tackle challenges of climate change through a combination of initiatives like tree planting, climate education, and policy advocacy.
Planting Trees

Capacity building.

We do inclusive participation of stakeholders through capacity building and education to enhance corporate social responsibility. We prepare communication strategies and materials; Events, workshops and trainings as well as mentoring and volunteer support.

Planting Trees

Community tree planting.

We sponsor and collaborate with communities to not only plant trees but nurture them all the way to maturity. This is the long-term project which is striving to uplift the quality of our living environment through active planting and proper maintenance and preservation of trees together with other vegetation.

School tree planting

We work with schools in tree planting projects around their communities.

Landscape Restoration

We work with the community in restoring abandoned mines and quarries and restoring pastures in arid and semi-arid lands of Tanzania. FEPT aims to conserve and restore the use of terrestrial ecosystems, improving the productive resilience of the land by returning ‘functionality’ to degraded landscapes, such as their ability to withstand disturbance, control erosion, shelter biodiversity, and provide food, water, and energy.

Students Programs

Establishment and strengthening of environmental clubs in schools

In line with overall public education on environmental conservation, we are establishing clubs in schools to enhance environmental education for the young generation. Capacity-building programs are conducted to ensure the efficiency of clubs in tackling environmental challenges.

Waste management

The program is designed to enhance cleanliness, sanitation, and a healthy environment in the community. We do clean-up events in the cities, beaches, and tourist centers. We also provide education to local people on proper waste management and adopting recycling technologies of wastes into commercial products, which will bring about benefits to all actors in the waste management value chain.