Our Impacts

16,500 trees planted

With funding from Canadian Government through High Commission of Canada to Tanzania we have been able to plant 16,500 trees in various wards of Arusha which are Muriet, Terrat and Olmot. Reached 15 schools, 5 dispensaries & health centres, 5local government offices, 1 police station, 3 open market places, along the roads planting and donating trees to households. We also got support from Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS) for some tree seedlings.

16 environmental clubs established and strengthened

We have successfully established and strengthened 16 environmental clubs in secondary and primary schools which aim at equipping young people become really agents of change for environmental advocacy and protection in the communities and country in general. We have also conducted capacity building to environmental club teachers to enhance their skills for management of those clubs.

Environmental education through radio programs, TV and social media

Through various media programs we have been able to sensitize community about environmental conservation programs which range from climate change mitigation and adaptation, tree planting, waste management et. We had programs in 3 radio stations which are Sunrise radio, Safina radio and Savvy FM Radio, featured in news in several TV stations including TBC, Star TV, Channel Ten as well as Online TVs and Blogs including Global TV, Dar Mpya TV, Leo TV, Malunde1 Blog and APC Blog. We also use our social media accounts to provide education to public about conservation initiatives. We can approximate more than 100,000 people have been reached by all of our platforms we have been featured in and those following our pages.

Online dialogue through twitter space on climate change

We successfully conducted online dialogue which is the beginning of series of events of this nature to bring together stakeholders to discuss various pressing environmental issues in the community and come up with way forward. We had fantastic moment through twitter space where many people from across Africa and other parts of the world to discuss the challenges of climate change. About 250+ people turned in and participated.

Hybrid symposium on World Environment Day 2022

Massively conducted a hybrid symposium on WED 2022 having a theme “ONLY ONE EARTH’’ with Sub-theme “Human Interaction with our Planet; the good, the bad and the way forward; Assessing the Role of Policy Makers, Private Sector, Indigenous People and the International bodies Towards Global Development”. We connected audience all over the Africa in 10 center across Africa. We hosted event in partnership with EET Foundation, Nigerian environmental NGO. The event was being hosted live in various schools and streamed online through zoom. In Tanzania we hosted at Arusha Secondary School with prominent speakers including H.E Pamela O’Donnell (High Commissioner of Canada to Tanzania), Arusha City Lord Mayor (Hon. Maximillian Iranqhe) and others.

Contributing member to the Arusha Sustainable Food Systems (ASFS) Platform

FEPT is a member to ASFS Platform which aims at cultivating collective ambition and action towards Arusha’s food systems transformation. We are contributing members of City planning and logistics working group to envision a greener city with a master urban plan that promotes economic empowerment and ensures access to safe food and benefiting from the eco-tourism opportunities available in the region. We advocate for Operationalization of the master plan/urban planning; Fruit tree planting, Sensitization on hygiene and food safety including “Usafi Day” campaigns; and Waste management in markets and residential areas